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PARLucent Ceramic Metal Halide Light - 240V

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Implement an effective lighting plan with these PARLucent ceramic metal halide lights.

    • Grow healthy, profitable crops. These lights are ideal for any greenhouse and hydroponic lighting application.
    • PARLucent Ceramic Metal Halide Lights are completely silent. There is no annoying humming, buzzing or any other high-pitched noises.
    • Dimmable ballast allows growers to obtain the perfect lighting for their operation.
    • Working temperature of 14°F to 104°F.
    • These lights feature a soft start and internal RF shielding.
    • Designed with multi-aspect protection circuitry.
    • High power factor and low harmonic.
    • Customers can choose from 120 V and 240 V lighting.
    • Replacement 315W bulbs available.
    • Limited 3 year warranty.