ClearSpan Aircraft Hangars

The perfect solution to the high cost of conventional airplane hangars and much more economical than renting! Provide superior protection for your valuable aircraft, crop duster, or ultralight.

• Ideal also as terminals, cargo buildings, helicopter hangars, housing ground support equipment and baggage storage areas.
• Frame is constructed from our 14 gauge USA-made, triple-galvanized, structural steel tubing.
• 12.5 oz., 24 mil tan premium polyethylene cover comes with a 15-year warranty.
• Custom color covers are available at a premium.
• One solid end panel and one multi-zippered panel for ease of entry.
• Low cost per sq. ft., with little to no foundation expenses.
• Maximum usable floor space - superior to wood or steel structures.
• High quality building allows natural light in, reducing monthly electrical costs.
• Sound dampening cover lessens noise from engines.
• Hoop buildings are easy to maintain.
• Ideal as permanent or temporary building that can be relocated or expanded easily at any time.
• Hangars come complete with heavy-duty base plates that have pre-drilled holes.