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ClearSpan™ Pavilion Buildings

The ClearSpan™ Pavilion Building creates the perfect covered environment that can be used for anything from riding arenas to entertainment facilities.

  • Pavilion Buildings feature no end walls or sidewalls, allowing for plenty of ventilation and a covered, outdoor atmosphere.
  • Durable pavilions are built using triple-galvanized steel that is corrosion resistant and long lasting.
  • Utilize natural lighting and completely eliminate the need for artificial daytime lighting. The roof is made from 12.5 oz., 24 mil rip-stop polyethylene that provides the strength needed for any region, while also letting natural daytime lighting filter through, illuminating the pavilion. Covers are UV resistant and come in your choice of four colors.
  • The design promotes strength, durability and fast installation, and when used with the ClearSpan™ Helical Anchoring System, features minimal foundation requirements.
  • Awnings included at the eve provide extra coverage and have a 10'10" vertical clearance.
  • Comes in 75'W and 85'W structures.
  • Industry-leading 50 year warranty on the frame and 20 year warranty on the cover.