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The EZ-CLONE PRO is the future of high-pressure propagation, utilizing patent-pending technology and space-saving design.

  • EZ-CLONE PRO is a complete system that nourishes cuttings with nutrient-rich, high-pressure mist. Includes all the required equipment and hardware.
  • The vertical design allows growers to save space, and 459 cuttings can be cloned in under 10 sq. ft. The trays sit on sliding drawers, so growers have easy access to cuttings.
  • The EZ-CLONE PRO is based around a Nuert 75 PSI High Pressured Pump, which supplies the entire system with water and essential nutrients. The pump runs on a timer to allow precision misting.
  • Water is stored in a 20 gallon reservoir, which is made from ABS plastic and includes handles. The tank features drains on a long and short side and has welded attachment points for quick disconnect fittings.
  • Includes dual 3' T5 fluorescent lighting that is controlled by a timer that is mounted on the system.
  • Catch tray ensures proper drainage and has built in misters that support uniform watering and nutrient delivery.
  • Constructed with a high-quality steel frame that is powder coated with medical-grade coating. The plumbing can be hidden and protected within the system's frame.
  • System sits on casters, which can be locked.
  • Safety latches ensure each inlet and outlet is locked and fully engaged.
  • Electrical components are stored in a leak-proof box that includes a removeable 120V cord. Only draws 5.1 amps.
  • System fits through any standard size door frame.