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PRC-400 Irrigation Controller & Modules

Take your irrigation control to the next level with the most reliable and impressive controller in the industry. The affordable, yet high-end, PC-400 enables you to regulate as many as 16 zones, and its numerous features mean that you'll always have the right amount of water.

  • Due to its modular design, this four-station controller can be easily expanded upon. The PCM-300 (113783) adds 3 extra zones and allows the controller to be expanded from 4 to 7 zones, 7 to 10 zones or 10 to 13 zones. The PCM-900 (113784) adds 9 zones, enabling you to take the controller from 7 to 16 zones.
  • Provides a maximum station runtime of 6 hours.
  • The non-volatile memory keeps settings indefinitely, so you don't have to regularly reset the controller.
  • Programmable rain delay can postpone watering and the cycle and soak feature reduces runoff, allowing you to save money on watering.
  • Built in lighting programs enable you to add lighting control.
  • Adjustments can be postponed up to 99 days.
  • 120 V AC.
  • Cabinet dimensions 10"W x 9"H x 4-1/2"L.