Wonder Bricks Brick Plus

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Wonder Soil® is an eco-conscious soilless potting medium that is made from renewable coconut coir fiber, worm castings, mycorrhizae, kelp and water-saving polymer crystals. This 100% biodegradable potting medium maximizes growing success for both the professional and hobby grower. Wonder Soil® saves time, labor and freight costs. Only one truckload of Wonder Soil® is needed for every 10 truckloads of loose soil!

• Earth-friendly Wonder Soil® potting mix is compressed into brick forms for larger planting projects.
• Each brick weighs just over 1 lb., yet expands up to 9 times the volume when water is added.
• Lightweight, compact and easy to use, these bricks will expand to fill one 2.5 gallon pot.
• Brick Plus® is recommended for larger projects in untrafficked areas.
• Ideal for Commercial Use, Residential Use, Greenhouses, High Tunnels, Hydro Seeding, Landscaping, Lawn Repair, Nurseries & Garden Centers, Rooftop & Terrace Gardening, and More!
• Made in USA.