HI 2500 Fertigators

HI 2500 Fertigators allow you to supply your plants with nutrients, have complete control over pH levels, as well as maintain optimal EC and TDS levels.

• Grow the healthiest plants. The HI 2500 doses plants with nutrients to promote the growing cycle and doses acid to keep hydroponic systems within the right pH ranges.
• HI 2500 Fertigator EC (113709) maintains the proper electrical conductivity levels, while the HI 2500 Fertigator TDS (113710) supports the correct total dissolved solids levels.
• This system comes fully assembled and is easy to maintain and clean. The probes can be quickly disconnected for maintenance or replacement.
• Probes are able to hang in a reservoir or kept in the included electrode holder.
• Monitors pH ranges of 0 to 14, TDS ranges of 0 to 999 ppm and EC ranges of 0 to 10 mS/cm.
• Includes controllers, probes, one acid pump, and two nutrient pumps.