Teco® Water Chillers

Efficiently cool your nutrient solution to keep algae growth at bay, maintain proper pH levels and grow cool-weather crops during hot weather with Teco® Water Chillers.

• Teco® chillers use high-performance technology to ensure maximum performance with low energy consumption.
• The Teco® air system provides improved performance by optimizing air exchange and utilizing a rotatable exhaust.
• A closed loop temperature control system provides premier accuracy and stays within 0.2°F.
• Chillers are housed in durable units made from high-quality materials. They are corrosion-resistant and a great option for use with or near salt water.
• The filter screen is magnetically affixed, so it is simple to clean, maintain, remove and install.
• Requires a recirculation pump, sold separately. Ask your knowledgeable National Account Manager which pump will work best for your setup.
• 113859 requires no heater. 113860, 113861, 113862 come with a built in heater, and 113863 and 113864 require a Heater Kit (110718), which is easy to install and includes a custom designed 400 W heater.