iPonic 614 Hydroponic Controller

Item Number: 112868 Availability: Available in 12 days
The iPonic 614 Hydroponic Controller includes all the grow room functions you need in one unit. With fully programmable and flexible software-based intelligence, the iPonic 614 is the only controller you will ever need.

• Can be monitored and controlled with your smart phone, PC or other internet-ready device.
• Keep track of CO2 levels, temperature, humidity and light levels.
• Eight power outlets are built into the controller to easily connect other hardware, such as irrigation pumps, to the device.
• Integrated high temperature shut off.
• Alarms for low/high temperature, humidity and CO2 via text message or email.
• Easy-to-use touch screen display.
• Comes with factory presets for instant plug-and-play operation. Custom programming takes only minutes.
• Automatically program growth cycles from early vegetation through final bloom.
• Data log to internal memory for 30 days. Data log to removable USB drive for 3 years or more.
• 120 V/15 A.
• 16 ft. power cord.