Walk-In Produce Refrigerator

Item Number: 112869 Availability: Available in 28 days
Keep up to 2,000 lbs. of produce fresh for selling or consuming with this insulated Walk-In Refrigerator. Keep produce quality as high as the day you harvested.

• Ideal for use along with production greenhouses or buildings equipped with fodder systems, hydroponic systems and more.
• Structure is made of 6" expanded polystyrene panels. Nonskinning butyl caulk supplied for assembly.
• Constructed from 26-gauge galvanized steel with USDA-approved paint.
• Includes one door and two LED lights.
• Temperature range: 35°F-60°F.
• 10 year warranty on structure. 18 month warranty on refrigeration unit.
• 10 year guarantee that R-value of building will not decrease.
• Dimensions: 9'8"W x 9'8"L x 8'-1/2"H.
• Door is made of 4" thick urethane with an R-value of 32. It is covered in 1", 26-gauge white stucco. Latch is polished chrome and can be padlocked.
• Door dimensions: 7'H x 3'W.
• HVAC specialist must install refrigeration equipment to prevent voided warranty.