Growers Supply


Ebb & Flo Systems

Ebb & Flo Systems let you grow big in a small space. These systems provide an effective and automated method to deliver optimal levels of water, nutrients and oxygen to your crops.

  • Available in four sizes, these systems increase growth rate, yield, nutritional value and flavor of your crops.
  • Utilizing the ebb and flow hydroponic method, these easy-to-use systems are perfect for propagating plants or nourishing and watering seedlings.
  • Each system includes submersible pump, nutrient reservoir, grow tray, ebb and flo kit and 16-gauge, galvanized, square steel tubing frame with height adjustable feet for leveling.
  • Custom, poly-injection-formed replacement fittings are available, sold separately.
  • Trays and reservoirs are manufactured from durable ABS plastic with built-in UV inhibitors that minimize fading and yellowing from grow lights. Trays include drainage channels. Reservoirs feature porthole covers that make monitoring and refilling your nutrient solution easy.
  • Made in the USA.