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Propagation Float Stations

The new Propagation Float Station provides a constant circulation of Aerated Nutrient solution to the raft float that is great for various plants and works especially well for propagating seedlings that need extended roots for Deep Channel NFT Hydroponics.

  • Allows for large root masses in plants, like tomatoes, cucumbers and eggplant, to grow long enough to reach the flow of nutrients in the GT80 TSW NFT Channels.
  • Can also be used as a standard raft system to grow lettuce, swiss chard, pac choi and more.
  • Constant recirculation provides: constant mixing of solution to help prevent nutrient settlement, maximum aeration within the tank to not disturb root zones, more stable water temperatures and easy nutrient solution maintenance and testing.
  • Each system includes: efficient and potable water safe magnetic drive recirculation pump, two outlet air pumps with stones and tubing, 16-gauge, galvanized, square steel tubing frame with height adjustable feet for leveling, float tray, nutrient tank, bulkhead fittings and spacers and supply and drain tubing with flow control valves.