Chick-Inn Laying Nests

Chick-Inn Laying Nests, also known as nest boxes and chicken roosts, promote poultry health and greater egg production.

• 4 and 6 Hole Laying Nests, with plastic lids and front and back partitions, are ideal for smaller or specially configured pens.
• Popular 8 Hole Laying Nests are made of galvanized steel and are easy to assemble with a pop rivet gun. 10 Hole Laying Nests assemble with machine screws and nuts.
• High front and back panels prevent litter from being scratched out of nests.
• Removable plastic bottom inserts in our 4, 6, & 8 hole nests are easy to clean, keeping birds healthier. 10 hole nests have metal inserts.
• Perches are hinged upward.
• We recommend one nest box per four laying hens.