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Botanicare Pallet Rack Trays

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Botanicare Pallet Rack Trays for vertical propagation allow you to get the most out of your growing space.

  • These 4' x 8' trays are designed to be used with standard, 42"W x 96"L pallet racking, allowing you to maximize your overhead growing space.
  • Stackable design enables you to reduce your growing footprint by up to 50%.
  • Trays feature a trough that hangs over the edge of the racking. It collects and redirects runoff to reduce the occurrence of standing water.
  • Pallet Rack Trays are an ideal option for large-scale propagation or microgreen production. They are large enough to fit 16 10"W x 20"L propagation flats, making it easy to grow a number of different crops.