Mole Scram Organic Repellent

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Mole Scram™ quickly and effectively reduces and eliminates mole activity. Easy to use granular formula lasts up to three full months! Mole Scram stops mole activity that can damage lawns, kill plants and even weaken above-ground structures!

• 100% natural and organic mole repellent is safe for use near pets and humans.
• More repelling power with faster acting formula.
• Triple protection action. Blend of natural and organic ingredients stops moles three ways.
• BAD AFTER TASTE - Making moles' food hard to digest.
• LESS FOOD - Reduces insect activity.
• STRONG SMELL - Mole tunnels and surrounding soil smell bad. Mild odor to humans.
• Protects more area, up to 50% more coverage than other repellents.
• Environmentally safe granular formula is ready to use.
No mixing, no spraying.
• Excellent preventative measure. Spring and Fall applications of Mole Scram will prevent mole activity in your yard.
• Effective in all seasons.
• Convenient 4.50 lb. shaker is ideal for medium sized lawns, plots or gardens (approximately 3,375 sq. ft.).