Electro-Web Polyfence Accessories

T-Post Insulators (108027)
• Used for adding electric tape to existing wire or wire mesh fences to prevent electrical arcing.
• Extends 1/2" to 1-1/2" polytape 3-1/2" from existing fence.
• Great for keeping animals from leaning on wood or vinyl fencing.
• Fits all standard T-posts.

2" Polytape Wood Post Insulator (108049, 108098)
• Holds 2" tape tight, reducing wind friction.
• For use on vinyl sleeves or wood posts.

Wood Post Pin Lock Insulator (108050)
• Can be used on vinyl sleeves.
• Holds polywire and rope material up to 3/8" diameter.
• Pin locks the material securely in the insulator.

T-Post Pin Lock Insulator (108051)
• Fits all standard T-posts.
• Holds Polywire and rope material up to 3/8" diameter.
• Pin locks the material securely in the insulator.

Tape Splice Buckles (108054)
• Join rolls of Polytape and repair torn material.
• Provides a positive electrical connection to insure good current flow.
• Available in 2" polytape sizes.

2" Polytape Tensioners (108056, 108057)
• Swivels and rotates to accommodate up or downhill direction, changes and protects tape from tearing upon impact.
• One-way end tensioner (108056) terminates tape at hard gates or buildings.
• Two-way corner tensioner (108057) is used in corners, tape gates and up or downhill direction changes in the fence line.

Inline Tensioner (108099)
• Inline ratchet tensioner for Polywire and Polytape up to 1" wide.
• No need to cut material to tension it. Just slide it in and turn for tension.

3mm Polywire Double Post Splicer (108061)
• Double post ensures strong splice.
• Galvanized to prevent rust.

Economy Gate Handle (108063)
• A sturdy handle with an internal expansion spring, large hook and large end flanges to reduce the risk of getting shocked when opening the gate.

2" Tape Gate Handle (108059)
• The best electric gate handle made and is practically unbreakable. Handle includes a tensioner connector to attach wide polytape.
• Internal spring is replacable if damaged.

Spring Gate Kit (108064)
• 24' spring gate is excellent for electrically bridging wide gate openings.
• Contracts to 32" when open.
• Includes all mounting hardware.
• Adaptable to Polytape Tensioners.

Portable Fence Posts (108065-108067)
• Stirrup Post (108065) allows foot pressure to be centered over the spike for easy installation. Best post for harder ground. 44" tall above ground. Accepts 2 strands of wide Polytape and 7 strands of narrow Polytape, wire or rope.
• Economy Step-in Post (108067) holds 3 strands of Polytape and 7 strands of Polywire or rope. 7" spike and 41" tall above ground.
• Metal Pigtail Post (108066) has a 7" welded, 2 prong foot base and insulated pigtail with 2 free snap-on insulators. 35" above ground.