Hot Rope Fence System

Hot Rope Fence System is tough and durable.

1/4" Hot Rope (108048)
• 6 large stainless steel conductors create 600 lbs. of break strength.
• An economical choice for large fencing applications.
• Very stable in areas with high winds, snow and ice.
• 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Wood Post Claw Insulator (108052)
• Designed for wood posts and vinyl sleeves.
• Claw design allows the material to slide upon impact.
• Will hold material up to 3/8" diameter.

T-Post Claw Insulator (108053)
• Claw design allows for material to slide upon fence impact.
• Will fit standard T-posts and holds material up to 3/8" diameter.

Rope Corner/End Lag Pulley (108062)
• High strength corner and end post insulator.
• Designed for use on wood posts only with a heavy-duty, rust-resistant lag and UV-resistant polyethylene insulator.
• Use at beginnings and ends of runs.

6mm Double Post Rope Splicer (108060)
• Recommended for a stronger union on large diameter ropes.
• Use with 1/4" diameter electric rope.