PolyMax Grow Tubes

PolyMax Grow Tubes can be used anywhere and are proven to increase growing yield and improve plant health while reducing crop maintenance, labor and food safety concerns.

• Grow larger, better quality produce quickly and effortlessly.
• Easy to plant and maintain hundreds of crops, including berries, tomatoes, lettuce, herbs, peppers and flowers.
• Ability to grow in areas with poor soil conditions. Perfect for urban gardening. PolyMax Grow Tubes produce high yields in a small space.
• Modular design will fit any space. Completely scalable, just cut tubes to desired length and install on any surface.
• Grow Tubes are available in 5", 8" and 12" diameters, and are sold per ft., with a minimum order of 100'.
• Significantly reduce your labor and cost. Reduce weeding, tilling and soil preparation when quality media is used. Growing media is not included.
• Grow tubes are reusable with original media. Pull out old plants or make new holes after thaw, and reuse the tubes.
• Lay Grow Tubes on ground cover to further suppress weed growth while allowing air and nutrients to circulate throughout tubes.
• Grow Tubes are perfect for use with our Drip Irrigation Systems.