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Press and Fit Pots - Case of 450

Save time, money and space with the Press and Fit Pots and Carry Trays.

  • Simply stack pots 6 x 3 and press the tray into the pots. The bottoms of the pots stick into the tray, so they can be quickly and easily filled.
  • This system can save you up to 70% on the labor of hand filling flats.
  • Square footprint allows you to maximize growing and storage space within a greenhouse.
  • The pots (113618) are sold by the case, which includes 450 pots, and have a depth of 3.5", a top width of 3.52" and a bottom width of 2.56".
  • The Press and Fit Trays (113619) are sold by the case, which comes with 100 trays. They fit 18 pots and are 10.81"W x 21.25"L x 1.93"D.