Growers Supply


Wall Louvers

Improve airflow and reduce condensation.

  • Perfect for use in our ClearSpan™ structures or any large building, such as manufacturing facilities or warehouses, where improved ventilation is needed.
  • Durable vents are all-steel construction, with white, pre-painted finish.
  • 1/2" hardware cloth screen mounted at factory.
  • Flush on backside to allow any location on building or structure without framed opening.
  • 1-1/2" nailing flange for easy installation.
  • Louver blades provide full overlap.
  • Wall Louver Fabric Kits

  • This kit provides a closed-cell foam seal on the top and sides of the louvers to prevent moisture. The bottom of the kit has a moisture wicking seal to remove unwanted build up.
  • Comes with Tek screws that have neo-bonded washers to ensure no water can penetrate around the screws.