ClearSpan™ HD Beef Master™ System - 54'W x 100'L

Item Number: BM2HD54100W Availability: Available in 15 days (Manufactured Product)
ClearSpan™ HD Beef Master™ Systems offer a controlled, comfortable environment for protecting your animals.

• The HD Beef Master™ Systems allow you to control your cattles environment. It keeps them safe and out of the elements, leading to fewer injuries, higher gains and maximum profit.
• Our exclusive feed shield allows for more open space within the structure.
• The feed shield is a 4' exterior overhang on HD Beef Master™ Systems. The feed shield improves feed efficiencies, relieves stress and enables a controlled feeding environment while saving money on reducing wasted feed.
• Overhang keeps feed dry and out of both snow and rain, eliminating the need for scraping the wet, spoiled feed out of the bunk. This saves you both time and labor.
• Our HD Beef Master™ frames are more durable than ever. They feature our truss arches that are manufactured from American-made, triple-galvanized structural steel, which is resistant to corrosive environments and long lasting.
• 12.5 oz., 24 mil white premium.
• Industry-leading 20 year warranty on cover and 50 year warranty on frame.
• Covered ridge vents provide maximum air ventilation and facilitate air movement by allowing moisture accumulation to escape. This optimal air exchange reduces risks to animal health.
• Build your feed bunks using pre-cast concrete or wood. Purchase materials for feed bunks, posts and framing locally.
• Heavy Duty Base Plates are included.
• Truss spacing: 20' on center. Sidewall height: 10'. HD Beef Master Systems that are 54'W have a peak height of 29'6-7/16".
• The structure comes open ended, but can be outfitted with custom end walls.
• ClearSpan's Curtain Package is an ideal option for customers looking to partially close in the open wall.
• We recommend approximately 40 sq. ft. per head.